Solar Photovoltaic

Our 5 step process to reduce your electricity bills with Solar PV

Step 1: Feasibility Study
In order for any project to be successful an in-depth feasibility study is required. During this process we present to our clients high level designs, load profiling, budgetary costing, regulatory requirements, and a financial assessment of the plant (ROI calculations). This process falls hand in hand with our Energy Efficiency Program.
Step 2: Detailed Design
A detailed design is constructed based on the data collected during the feasibility study.
Step 3: Construction
Once all approvals are obtained, material procurement and project construction begin.
Step 4: Commissioning:
Final commissioning only takes place once all construction is completed and all installations are signed off by our engineers.
Step 5: Monitoring and maintenance
Ongoing maintenance is provided through service level agreements and the plant is continuously monitored to ensure it operates optimally and provides the best output possible.
With ever increasing operational costs, decreasing your production costs by reducing your electricity bills not only allows you to be more competitive in your market but also to improve your corporate branding by reducing your reliance on “dirty” energy. An effective and reliable way to hedge yourself against power tariff increases is to offset your power requirements with the use of Solar PV. Solar has been demonstrated throughout the world as the most cost logical solution to reduce your daytime power requirements.  As a solar EPC company, Broadleaf Group designs, installs and maintains all our plants. Based on our methodology, experience and tailor-made designs, we are able to provide the best possible solution based on your requirements. 
Energy efficiency, a few tips…
We are able to offer tailored, financed solutions through our financial
partners Broadreach Capital and the Broadreach 12J Fund. These are provided
through either Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s), Lease Agreements or
Instalment Sale Agreements.. 
Power Purchase Agreements  Lease Agreements 

Broadreach owns the system and sells power to you, at a predetermined rate for a fixed period. 

Broadreach leases the system to the you either with fixed rentals, or rentals linked to the amount of power produced.

You can claim 100% depreciation in year 1 as this equipment is shown on your balance sheet. 

Broadreach also provides a full insurance, maintenance and operation service as part of the agreement.  They aim to provide the above at a lower cost and with more predictable escalations than Eskom or municipalities which offers flexibility on co-ownership options, for example :

– Option to purchase up to 50% of the system in the 1st year; or

– Option to purchase the entire system after an agreed upon period.