Energy Efficiency Audits, Metering, Solar PV, Grid tied, Off Grid, Hybrid, Funding of Installation, Installation and Maintenance.

Evaluation of potentials and risks of your project. Accompanying you from exploratory phase to commissioning. Water and Energy Specialists.


A Message From the CEO

Rhett Osborne

Current and future environmental challenges offer the opportunity to react creatively and use our resources more efficiently. Broadleaf Group always had the ambition to modestly participate to this transition


Always ready for a challenge

Always on the look for an exciting project, Broadleaf Group assists you to reduce your utility bills and environmental footprint. Broadleaf Group has the experience and tools to assist industries, commercial buildings, farms and other businesses in their transition to a greener and more profitable economic environment

Successful Projects

Energy or Water related, Broadleaf Group accompanies you throughout the duration of your project, step by step until completion, ensuring its outcome is aligned with your standards and requirements.
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6 reasons why our clients chose us

Business Ethics:

Meeting deadlines on time, on budget and providing the desired outcome is at the core of our values and commitments.


Thanks to our experience and expertise, we have selected over the years a range of solutions that are reliable and adaptable to fit our clients’ needs in various sectors.

Wide Network & Partners

Our wide range of partners both nationally and internationally allow us to have efficient support with quality products, ensuring a quick service delivery.

Long Term Relationships

Many of our clients today are companies that trusted us since our beginnings. We have had the pleasure of accompanying them throughout different phases of development of their businesses by helping them save on utilities.

Calculated Return on Investment

Broadleaf helps you identify where you can invest and save in the long run. What makes financial sense and what does not. Our solutions make our clients greener but also more competitive in their respective markets!

Expert Solutions

Developing solutions around Water and Energy efficiency is our DNA. The heart of our work is to understand our client’s challenges and accompany them in their transition to optimal efficient sustainability

OUR Directors

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At the core of Broadleaf Group is the will to address environmental challenges by helping our clients minimise both their operational costs and their impact on the environment. The heart of our work is to understand our client’s challenges and accompany them in their transition towards a more profitable and environmentally friendly business.

Our Partners

Building Sustainable Solutions